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key west t-top light bar aurora boat light bar

Key West Boat Light Bars

Boat LED Lights
Our customer needed more light for his Key West Boat 219FS to use during his night time excursions so read this article to find out how we helped him find the perfect boat lighting. 
GMC sierra light bar behind grill

2019 GMC Sierra Light Bar Behind Grill

Our customer Mike wanted to add a light bar to his 2019 GMC Sierra 3500 Dually, Denali edition, but he didn’t want to add a big light bar on the roof like most truck owners do. In fact, he prefers the hidden look so the light bar wouldn't be visible at all. So he popped his hood and took some measurements and realized that he could mount a 30 Inch curved light bar behind his grill.

Best Light Bar for Toyota Tacoma with Victory 4x4 Rack

Buying Guide
When it comes to Toyota Tacoma roof racks, the victory 4x4 roof rack is one of the best on the market. These CNC cut roof racks are forged from 3/16 American steel and finished with a two stage powder coat process. Built to last, the Tacoma roof racks can carry anything your overlanding trip may demand and best of all, they have a cut out for a 40 inch light bar.

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