Best Hewescraft Boat Lighting Upgrade Option

One of the best medium ocean boats to own is the Hewescraft Searunner, it’s widened hull makes it an ideal boating vessel. But when the sun goes down you need to be able to find your way back to the docks and that’s were a good set of Aurora boat lighting can help. Whether you’re an avid angler or just someone who likes to cruise the open ocean, adequate lighting is crucial for nighttime navigation.

One of our customers in Canada needed extra boat lighting for his Hewescraft Searunner to use during his nighttime excursion so we got him into the Aurora CAT 2 Bundle which produces a total of 21,000 lumens

aurora hewescraft boat lighting

Hewescraft Boat Light Bar Cat 2 Bundle

The Aurora CAT 2 Bundle for the Hewescraft contains one Aurora 20-inch light boat light bar and two Aurora 3 Inch LED boat light pods.

The Hewescraft Aurora CAT 2 Boat light bar bundle contains one 20 Inch Aurora Boat light bar that produces 17,120 lumens and can project the LED light 3,400 feet away.

The Aurora CAT 2 Boat light bar bundle also contains a set of 3-inch LED boat light pods that produces 3,880 lumens. These Hewescraft light pods are fueled by four, 10-watt Cree LED's and are offered in a Spot Beam pattern and a Flood Beam Pattern.

  • Flood Beam: Emits the LED light at 60 degrees which discharges a very wide beam to approximately 1,739 Feet
    Aurora led light flood beam
    • Spot Beam: Emits the LED light at 10 degrees which discharges a very narrow beam that projects further than the competitors at 2,297 feet.
      Aurora led light spot beam


      Lastly, this Hewescraft Aurora CAT 2 Boat light bar bundle also includes two boat light bar wiring harnesses. Each boat light bar wiring harness consist of an on/off switch with LED indicator light, in-line fuse, 12v40A relay.

      24 Volt Boat Light Bar Upgrade

      While these boat light bar wiring harnesses contain a 12 volt relay Aurora also offers a 24 volt relay if your boat requires it.

      Hewescraft Boat Light Bar Mounting

      Aurora hewescraft boat light bar

      The Hewescraft 20 Inch Aurora Boat light bar was mounted on the bow side to fully project all 17,120 lumens onto the dark water ahead. It was mounted above the front windows to make the install as clean as possible. And as you can see from the pictures, the 20 Inch Aurora Boat light bar blends perfectly with the Hewescraft elegant design.

      Hewescraft boat light bar pods

      The Aurora 3 inch led boat light pods were installed on the Hewescraft cabin sides to help widen the LED beam and increase nighttime visibility. One boat light pod was mounted on the Hewescraft port side and the other boat light pod was mounted on the Hewescraft starboard side.

      When all said and done this is what we have, a Hewescraft Searunner led boat lighting that is ready to tackle any dark body of water.

      Hewescraft LED Boat lighting

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