Best LED Reverse Lights for Toyota Tacoma

We got a call from a General home Contractor  in Colorado named Mike. Mike informed us that he has Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road that was in desperate need of LED reverse lights. In the winter months Mike typically leaves customer’s residences at 5:30 PM or later and it's generally pitch black. Mike’s customers can be found in the rural parts of Colorado which means there are plenty of long and dark driveways which can be dangerous when in reverse.

After speaking with Mike and learning more about his criteria for LED reverse lights on his Toyota Tacoma, we were able to match him up with an appropriate Aurora LED product. For Mike’s Toyota Tacoma we went with the Aurora Wide Angle Scene Beam 3 Inch Pod kit to use as LED reverse lights.


The Aurora Wide Angle Scene Beam Pod kit makes the best LED reverse lights for a Toyota Tacoma because of Aurora’s unmatched Wide Angle Scene Beam pattern. The LED Reverse light Scene Beam pattern emits a bright white light at a unique 120 degrees which makes it wider than a LED reverse light equipped with a flood light.

difference between led flood beam pattern and scene beam pattern

The 3 Inch LED reverse light kit for the Toyota Tacoma produces a combined 3,880 lumens and is fueled by four, powerful Cree LED’s. The LED reverse lights Cree LED chips are protected by a 6063 Aluminum housing that is sealed with Stainless Steel screws

Best LED Reverse Lights for Toyota Tacoma


This Aurora LED reverse light kit also features the following:

Best LED Reverse Lights for Toyota Tacoma


LED Reverse Light Installed on Toyota Tacoma

One thing we forgot to mention about this LED reverse light install on Mike's Toyota Tacoma was that Mike had previously taken the Amazon route and purchased a cheap led light bar to solve his issue. After installing the Aurora 3 Inch Wide Angle LED reverse light kit on his Toyota Tacoma he found that the cheap Amazon LED light bar was no match for the Aurora lights, in fact one Aurora 3 Inch LED reverse light pod was brighter and more efficient than the 10 inch light bar.

aurora led reverse lights Toyota tacoma


Why Aurora Wide Angle Scene Beam LED Reverse Lights for the Toyota Tacoma?

The logic behind outfitting Mikes Toyota Tacoma with Aurora Wide Angle Scene Beam pods as LED reverse lights was LED reverse light mounting space and his budget. While all Aurora LED products are the most affordable on the market, Mike also wanted to put two LED reverse lights on either side of his Cab that is on the bed of his Toyota Tacoma.

aurora led reverse lights Toyota tacoma 


aurora wide angle scene beam led light diemensions 


Another Toyota Tacoma LED reverse light option you may want to consider is the 4 inch Wide Angle Scene Beam Option. These are a great option for those individuals who prefer the rectangle look.

aurora wide angle scene beam led reverse lights toyota tacoma



If you are looking for a smaller LED reverse light for your Toyota Tacoma than look at our 2 inch version which is offered in a Pod version and a Flush mount version.

LED Reverse Light Pod Version

Toyota tacoma led reverse lights

LED Reverse Light Flush Mount

Aurora 2 Inch Toyota Tacoma flush mount led reverse lights


If you have the space or if you need more LED light on your Toyota Tacoma then view the bigger Wide Angle Scene Beam LED reverse lights.

Aurora led reverse lights wide angle scene beam

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About Mikes vehicle, Mike Owns a early 2000's Toyota Tacoma SRS V6.with the TRD Off Road Package.

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