Spot Beam Light Pods and Light Bars Explained

So what is a Spot beam Pattern?

A spot beam pattern is a focused and precise light beam that emits LED light at a 10 degree angle allowing the light to go as far as possible.

Benefits to owning a Spot Beam Light Bar

LED light pods or light bars that are equipped with a spot beam pattern have a narrow, yet focused light which can easily illuminate objects further away 

Aurora led light spot beam

 Advantages and Disadvantages of a light bar spot beam pattern

  • Advantages: Great for distances, slow moving trails, straight country roads, narrow roads.
  • Disadvantages: Spot beam's are very narrow which means the obstacles off to the side may go unnoticed.

jeep wrangler light bar

LED Flood Pattern vs Spot Beam Pattern - The Epic Showdown

The difference between the two most popular beam patterns, flood and spot is generally on the question of width and depth. The LED spot beam triumphs the flood beam in the distance category, but the LED spot beam sacrifices side illumination to achieve its distance.

Aurora LED Products Available with a Spot Beam. 

Light bars with Spot Beam Pattern

Aurora offers spot LED light bars under the Aurora Hybrid Series. Aurora's Hybrid light bar series is offered in both a single row and a dual row. 

aurora hybrid led light bars

Aurora LED Light Pods With Spot Beam Pattern

Aurora 3 inch LED Pods - Produce 3,880 Lumens

Aurora 3 Inch LED Flush Mount - Produce 3,880 Lumens

Aurora 4 Inch Side Shooter 

4 Inch Spot Beams

Aurora R-Series Laser

Aurora Amber 3 Inch Spot Beam Pods

Aurora amber led light pod


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