Aurora LED Light Wiring Harness Kit R-Series Round LED Light


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Auroras LED wiring harness kit for the 7 Inch R-Series Round LED lights.

aurora led wiring harness for round led light r-series led light

This kit includes the following:

Water Resistant Relay & Fuse

  • Powerful 4 Pin Relay rated for 12 volts & 40 Amps
  • Secure to your vehicle via heavy duty mount
  • Insulated and sealed connections to prevent intrusion of foreign materials
  • Fuse is enclosed in a waterproof housing


  • Tinned Copper wire wrapped in thermoplastic insulation
  • Terminal ends are soldered and insulated in heat shrink tubing to prevent contamination from foreign materials.
  • Rugged PVC encases all the wires for a professional looking installation
  • Length of wire from relay
    • To LED light - 8 feet
    • To LED Switch - 4 feet
    • To battery- 4 feet
  • Deutsch waterproof connectors


  • 3 Pin Rocker switch
  • Red LED indicator light
  • Water resistant rubber cover
  • Easy function on/off function
  • CE complaint

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    This LED light wiring harness will only work with Aurora products.

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