• Why buy from Off brand

    • Off Brand does all the heavy lifting for you, we take the time to audit every supplier to ensure the that consumer is getting the best product for their money. Unlike other major retailers we do not stock inferior quality products with a 2 start rating. Buying from Off Brand means you will be 100% happy with your purchase but in the event you are not happy you can review our 30 satisfaction guarantee
  • What is Off Brand's return policy?

    • Off Brand offers a 30 satisfaction guarantee, so in the event that the product does not meet your expectations we will issue you a return label. You will also be given the option to exchange your product for another. So if you order a 10 inch LED light bar and realize you need more light and want to upgrade to a 20 inch led light bar, then we can quickly make the switch to accommodate you. Our full return policy can be found on our Warranty & Returns page.
  • What is Off Brands Warranty Policy?

    • Off Brand offers warranty is 5 years on Aurora LED lighting products. Our warranty return process can be found on our Warranty & Returns page.
  • How is my order shipped?

    • All orders are shipped either UPS or USPS and on some very rare occasions, FedEx and DHL. All of our shipping information can be found on our Shipping and Distribution page. You can expect the product to arrive in 1 to 5 days depending on your location.
  • How long does my order take to get to me?

    • We are NOT drop shippers like a lot of these new LED light bar companies are. All items are in stock at our Allentown, Pennsylvania office and can be shipped out on the same day. The only exception are custom orders or any product that says "Available for pre-order". Those items need to manufactured which takes two to three weeks and are typically the odd size LED lighting products.
  • How do I know my order has been shipped?

    • All orders placed before 4 PM (EST) Monday through Friday will be shipped the same day. You will also receive an e-mail notification containing a tracking number once it ships. You can find out more about our shipping procedures on our Shipping and Distribution page.
  • How can Aurora's LED Light bars be so inexpensive?

    • With Aurora LED Light bars you are only paying for the product and NOT the brand. With other LED light bars manufactures you are paying for LED light bar but you are also paying for the manufactures branding.

FAQ - About LED Lighting Products

  • Are light bars street legal?

    • No, LED light bars are not street legal as each state mandates their own lighting laws that state no auxiliary lighting may be used while on the roadway. Some Aurora Off Road LED light bars may be SAE approved and E-marked approved but you should check with your states local ordinance to see if the led light can be used on the roadway. Using them on your off-road adventures is fine but when you get back onto the streets you need to turn them off, so you don’t blind the other drivers on the road. Off Brand does offer LED light bar covers as certain states require that the light bars be covered when your vehicle is driven on the road.
  • What can I use a LED light bar for?

    • Almost anything, these products are built to withstand abuse so the applications for usage can be for off-roading purposes or it can be just for the looks and occasionally deer spotting. These LED lighting products are also great for construction equipment, mining equipment and even landscaping equipment.
  • What is the lifespan of a LED light bar?

    • Most people will replace their vehicle before they replace a burnt out light bar. With cheap LED light bars you are looking at a very low life span of under 2 years. With Aurora LED Light Bars, they are tested to last for 50,000 hours.
    • So if we break it down further, your Aurora LED Light bar will fail if you leave the LED product on continuously for 2,080 days or 5.7 years
  • What is the difference between raw and effective lumens? Is this important?

    • Raw Lumens is the amount of Lumens that the light is supposed to provide based of the initial products design. Effective Lumens is the amount of light that is actually produced after the LED light is fully assembled,
    • Poor design manufacturing and inferior components can cause an large difference between Raw Lumens and Effective Lumens.
  • What is the difference between a Single Row LED light bar and a Double Row LED light bar?

    • A single row LED light bar only has one row of LED's going across the product whereas a double row light bar as two rows of LED's going across the product.
    • As a tip, single row light bars are good where clearance will be an issue.
  • How do I pick an LED Light Bar?

    • It all depends on your needs, but you can read our article about "How to Pick a LED Light Bar". 
    • It will basically come down to your needs and who you are
      1. You travel off the beaten path where light can be scarce.
      2. You are just going for the off road rugged look.
      3. Both 1 & 2.
  • Where can I mount my Light Bar?

    • You can install LED lighting almost anywhere on your vehicle. The most popular place is above your windshield which will give you the best visibility result.
    • The second most popular spot is on your bumper which is probably the easiest place to mount them. And if you got some minor fabrication skills you can mount them in your front grille.
    • Pod & work lights can be easily installed on your bumper, on the lower windshield pillar, in your front grill or you can get special mounts to mount them to your roof rack.
  • What beam pattern should I get with my product?

    • You can read our article about the different LED Light Bars Beam Patterns but here is a basic review. 
    • Spot - The spot pattern has a narrow beam making it ideal for distance.
    • Flood - The flood has a wider angle making it ideal for seeing what's on the side of the road.
    • Combo - Probably your best option as it combines both the Spot and Flood pattern giving you the best of both worlds.
    • Scene - Emits a unique 120° beam that is wider than a flood beam making it ideal for LED work Lights, LED reverse lights and LED fog lights.
  • How difficult is it to install LED Light products?

    • The installation of LED products is actually quite simple. The most difficult part is choosing where to mount the products followed by running the wiring. For more information read out "How to install a LED light Bar" article to learn about wiring harness and how they function. 
  • How do I power a light bar?

    • Supplying power to your light bar as simple as connecting one wire to a 12 volt source and the other wire to the vehicles ground or negative battery cable.
      Aurora light bar wiring
      • To elaborate a little bit further you will have two wires coming off the wiring harness a red and a black wire.
      • The red positive wire needs to be connected directly to your vehicles battery or a 12 volt source.
      • The Black wire needs to connected to your negative battery terminal or be grounded to your vehicles chassis.
      • For more information read out "How to install a LED light Bar" article to learn about wiring harness and how they function. 
    • Cheap LED Light Bars VS Aurora LED Light Bars

      • If you can get a 52" LED light bar plus a 20" inch LED light bar, and four 3" LED light cubes all for $99.99, it's almost certain that the items you are buying are poorly made junk. You can expect the life expectancy to be under a year and the primary failure mode will be moisture behind the lens causing the LED's to burn out prematurely.
      • You can also spot these products by their outrageous claims & Ads that are listed below
      • It's says it’s a limited time special of 50% off
        • If it was truly 50% off they would technically be making no money on the sale as typical retail margins are 50%.
        • My favorite is the $919 regular price and on sale for $159
      • You go to their website and instantly a coupon pops up saying you can get $10 off or 10% off your first order.
      • The pictures are not professional, meaning there is no white back drop and the pictures are taken in the grass, on a concrete sidewalk or on the back of a pickup truck.
    • Don't see your question answered here?

      • Then email us at support@offbrandproducts.com

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