Aurora 40 Inch Curved LED Light Bar - 34,240 Lumens


Manufactured to Order (2-3 Weeks)

Aurora 40 Inch Dual row Curved Light bar rated at 34,240 lumens using 400 watts and equipped with a combination beam pattern. The IP69 rated housing is constructed of high quality 6063 aluminum and then mated with UV & Scratch resistant GE Lexan lens.

aurora curved led light bar

To ensure an impenetrable seal the curved LED light bar is then sealed together with 316 stainless steel screws inserted every 1.5" of surface area which makes it durable enough for the most extreme off-road conditions. 

Aurora 40 Inch Dual Row Curved LED Light Bar - 34 240 Lumens

This Aurora curved LED Light Bar includes a deluxe wiring harness which consist of an on/off switch with LED indicator light, in-line fuse, 12v40A relay, and all the wiring you need for professional installation. Order yours today to take advantage of our free shipping option. 

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  • Outdoor Dupont painting coats the curved LED light bar housing, guaranteeing the housing will remain unchanged for 5 years.
  • To prevent unwanted wind noise Wind Reducers are equipped to ensure a quiet experience during high speed travel.
  • All curved LED light bars are equipped with a Deutsch connector which is globally renowned for its ability to be waterproof and its ease of use.
  • The curved LED Light Bar is equipped with a special breather apparatus that is uniquely designed to prevent condensation and water intrusion. 
  • The lens is crafted from high quality GE Lexan which is 300 times stronger than glass plus its resistant to corrosive acids and other chemicals such as gasoline. The lens is also manufactured to be scratch resistant and UV resistant. 


  • Aurora curved LED Light Bars are made with Cree LED chips (Made in the USA) which allows for low forward voltage, low heat generation, long life and high ESD tolerance and resistance.
  • The PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is engineered with unique temperature protection, voltage protection and current protection designs to maximize efficiency and increase durability. This unique design means no electromagnetic interference with other nearby electronics on your vehicle.
  • Over voltage protection is installed prevent premature failure from accidental voltage fluctuations.


  • Salt & Fog Testing: A highly corrosive testing measure involving a high saline environment. The purpose of this test is to allow the curved LED Light Bar to retain its coating from salt spayed on the roads in the winter seasons which also means the product can withstand sea water.
  • Lens Impact Test: A 17-ounce iron Ball is dropped onto the glass from a height of 40 inches to mimic the impact of a rock or other foreign debris coming into contact with the LED light.
  • Vibration Test: Ensures the curved LED Light bar is stable enough to remain on the vehicle during extreme driving conditions like trail riding, off roading, rock climbing, etc.
  • UV Test: The curved LED Light Bar is placed in a special UV emitting machine for two days which simulates an environment equal to 5 years of direct UV lighting exposure.
  • Temperature Test: The curved LED light bar undergoes both extreme high and low temperature conditions to make ensure the housing will not discolor. 


  • Purchase with confidence knowing that Aurora curved LED light bars are manufactured with the world’s highest quality certifications.
AURORA quality LED light bars
    LED Light Bar Technical Specifications
    • Size: 40 Inch
    • Beam Type: Combination 
    • Style: Curved
    • Dimensions: 41.5" x 3.5" x 3.3"
    • # of LED's: 80
    • # of LED Rows: 2
    • LED Light Type: Cree XTE 5 Watt
    • Operating temperature: -40 to 145 degrees
    • Wattage: 400 Watts
    • Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
    • Amp Draw: 16.5 Amps
    • Lumens: 34,240 Lumens
    • IP Rating: IP69
    • Life Span: 50,000 hours
    • Housing color: Black
    • Overall Height when mounted: 4.2"
    • Aurora ALO-C-40-P4E4J
    • Aurora ALO C 40 P4E4J

    What's In The Box:

    • LED Light Bar
    • LED Mount
    • Wiring Harness - Wires, 12v40A Relay, fuse, On/Off Switch

    Off Brand Products Review:

    This dual row LED light bar is great for mounting on roof of most vehicles like:

    • Ford F-150
    • Ford F-250
    • Ford F-350
    • Ford Raptor (Grill Mount)
    • Chevy Silverado 1500
    • Chevy Silverado 2500
    • Chevy Silverado 3500
    • Chevy Tahoe
    • Dodge Ram
    • GMC Sierra 1500
    • GMC Sierra 2500
    • GMC Sierra 3500
    • GMC Yukon & XL 
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • Nissan Xterra
    • Nissan Frontier
    • Toyota 4 Runner
    • Toyota Tacoma

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