Aurora G10 Z3 Series LED Headlight - 9012


SKU: ALO-G10-9012Z3
Manufactured to Order (2-3 Weeks)

Illuminate the road with the brightest LED headlights on the market, Aurora's new G10 Z3 LED headlights. These LED headlights feature a patented fan-less design to fit the tightest spaces.

The Aurora LED headlights are equipped with an AR optical design to produce a clear and crisp boundary line. These LED headlights will provide you with better visibility without blinding on-coming drivers. 

aurora led headlights aurora g10 led headlights

aurora g10 led headlights z3 led headlights

Order before 4 PM EST and the product will ship out of Allentown, PA on the same day


  • Powerful Lumileds LED's produce an extremely bright 8000 lumens per kit.
  • Innovative design allows the product to be the smallest in its class.
  • The 35 watt's per light results in a high Lux output allowing it to out perform all other global competitors in its class by producing 30%-50% more light.
  • Unique compact design guarantees fitment for all vehicles.
  • Exceptionally shaped AR optical design produces a clear and crisp light beam boundary line.
  • Specifically designed to NOT produce a glare to oncoming drivers.
  • Waterproof connectors are incorporated into this product to prevent accidental intrusion from water or other foreign contaminants.
  • IP68 Rating assures that these lights won't fail from water intrusion.
  • With a 50,000 hour product rating this product is proudly backed by a 5 year warranty.
  • Powered by Lumileds 
  • Available for both single and dual beam applications.

aurora led headlights aurora g10 led headlights


    • LED light housing is a one-piece design which equates to less resistance in the thermal transfer process.
    • Equipped with four Copper Belts for maximum heat dissipation creating a very high efficiency LED light bulb.
    • Quality during manufacturing is not spared as the unit is comprised of 100% pure copper creating the highest thermal conductivity obtainable.
    • Headlight bulb is comprised of 6063 aviation aluminum shielded by an anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation treatment that is applied with an electrostatic spray process.
    • Anti-ultraviolet radiation protection is applied eliminating the risk of discoloration resulting in premature failure.
    aurora led headlight


      • Smart Modules are furnished with arched heat sinks to allow for improved cooling.
      • CAN-BUS equipped Smart Modules allows error proof installation.
      • Smart Module connectors exit the module on the same side to save space.
      • Manufactured to cooperate with your vehicles electronic system to prevent electromagnetic interference.

      aurora led headlights aurora g10 led headlights


        • Purchase with confidence knowing that Aurora LED headlights are manufactured with the world’s highest quality certifications. 

        aurora dual beam led headlights - aurora single beam led headlights

        Use the guide below if you need to compare different headlight sizes
        aurora led headlights


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