Aurora LED Cube Light Cover


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Aurora LED Light cube covers are available in a large range of sizes and colors. These LED light cube covers are great for adding another level of protection to your LED light cube or for meeting your states requirements for having auxiliary lighting mounted on your vehicle,

These LED light cube covers are highly durable due to their composition of poly carbonate plastic. The covers can be installed easily by snapping them into place and can also be quickly and easily removed when not needed.

Aurora LED Cube Light Cover

Aurora's LED light bar covers are also available in a colored series which are multi functional because they are great for adding some unique styling and altering the color output of your current LED light cube.

Aurora LED Cube Light Cover

Aurora also makes covers for LED light bars that are available in a wide range of colors.

Aurora LED Cube Light Cover

The amber colored LED light bar covers and LED cube light covers also help with reducing glare during fog and snowy conditions which increases your visibility and safety. 

IMPORTANT: All 3 Inch LED cube covers are sold in pairs (One order equals 2 pairs of light cube covers)

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