Aurora Waterproof Two Position Switch with LED Indicator


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Aurora's waterproof switch is a great addition to any LED set-up that has an open cab like ATV's, Side By sides, boats, tractors, etc. With auroras waterproof switch you can easily hose down the interior of your vehicle without worrying about your water damaging your brand-new light bar.

This LED light bar switch features a simple and easy design that allows you easily switch your LED lighting product on and off. Included in this unit is a LED indicator light that illuminates when the switch is in use. The LED indicator light is bright enough to see during the day but not bright enough to be a distraction at night.

This feature is what accel’s Aurora’s switch apart from the competitors as there is nothing worse than coming out to your vehicle and finding out that your battery is dead because you accidentally bumped the switch.

This switch is perfect for any LED light bar, light cube or any other Aurora product.


Order before 4 PM EST and the product will ship out of Allentown, PA on the same day.

aurora waterproof led light bar switch

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Aurora  Part number - ALO-AK2

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