Aurora 120° Scene Beam LED Lights

Aurora Scene lights are one of the newest styles of light bars because of their unique beam pattern and rugged appearance.

What is a Scene Beam pattern?

A Scene beam pattern is an exclusive & unique pattern that emits light in a short but wide beam pattern at 120°. See the picture below which compares the Scene 120° beam pattern to your standard flood light beam pattern.

Aurora Scene vs Flood

Ok, so it has a really wide and unique beam pattern but why do I need these?

  • Automotive Purposes: The pods, cubes, and single row products that are 4 inches and smaller are a great addition to your reverse lights, side lights, ditch lights and even fog lights.The larger single & dual row products are great for the front or rear of your vehicle for navigating through the trails.
  • Commercial Purposes: Because of its wide but short beam pattern it is ideal for construction equipment, farm equipment & landscape equipment. These products will allow you see around you without blinding the people working around you.

There are three types of Scene light product categories

  1. Scene Pod Lights - Flush Mounts available, multiple color options
  2. Single Row Scene Lights - Ranging from 4,280 lumens to 21,400 lumens
  3. Dual Row Scene Lights - Ranging from 8,560 lumens to 42,800 lumens

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