Best Dirt Bike Light Bar Mounts

Whether you use your Dirt Bike for trail riding or just plain stress relief, sufficient Dirt Bike LED lighting is crucial for nighttime riding. So we will quickly review the best Dirt bike light bar and LED light pod mounting options that are available.

Benefits to using Aurora Dirt Bike LED Light Bar mounts :

  • The Dirt Bike Light bar mount fits narrow and wide steering stems, this includes 2-bolt stem
  • Quickly install your Dirt Bike light bar in minutes
  • Aurora’s heavy duty and universal design.
  • Cost Efficient
  • Stainless Steel Construction with satin black powder coat finish

First on the list is Aurora’s Dirt Bike LED pod light mount

Aurora Dirt Bike LED POD Mount Kit

Allows for multiple LED pod lights to be mounted to your Dirt Bike. This kit can accommodate any of Aurora’s LED Light pods which includes Aurora's 2 inch Dirt Bike LED Pods3 inch Dirt Bike LED lights and 4 Inch Dirt Bike LED light pods.

aurora atv led headlight

Aurora Dirt Bike Handle Bar Mount For 6-inch Light Bar

Aurora has a large selection of 6 inch Dirt Bike light bars that can meet your needs. This includes Amber Dirt Bike Light bars, Single Row Dirt Bike light bars and Dirt Bike Dual row light bars.

aurora 6 inch ATV led light bar mount

Aurora Dirt Bike Handle Bar Mount For 10 inch Light Bar

Aurora offers over 10 different, 10 inch Dirt Bike lights bars that are guaranteed to brighten your night time trail riding.

Aurora ATV led headlight bracket


Is your ideal Dirt Bike LED mounting solution not listed above? Then don’t worry because Aurora still has universal Dirt Bike LED light bar mounting solutions to meet your needs.

Aurora Dirt Bike LED Headlight Cradle Mount

Aurora ATV LED headlight mount

These unique Dirt Bike LED light bar Cradle mounts are universal and can mount to almost any surface, 

Standard Aurora Dirt Bike LED Headlight Tube Mounts

Aurora ATV led light bar mounts

These Dirt Bike light bar mounts allow you to mount any Aurora light bar to your Dirt Bikes tube bumper or round surface.

Dirt Bike LED Headlight Light Bar Horizontal Mounts

Aurora ATV LED Headlight Light Bar Mount

Aurora's unique design allows you to mount your LED cube lights to any horizontal tube bar allowing you to achieve lights that are pushed away from the vehicle and not above the vehicle or mounting surface.

Dirt Bike LED Headlight Oblique Light Bar Mount

Aurora Oblique LED Light Mount Kit

Aurora's unique design allows you to mount your LED cube lights to any angled tube bar allowing you to achieve forward facing and leveled lights.

Aurora Dirt Bike LED Headlight Vertical Light Bar Mount

Aurora Vertical LED Light Mount Kit

Aurora's unique design allows you to mount your LED cube lights to any vertical tube bar allowing you to achieve lights that are forward facing.

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