Best LED Lights For Golf Carts Part III - LED Reverse Lights - Brake Lights and Light Bars

We will finalize part three of the Golf Cart LED Light Mini Series, if you haven't been following along you can find the previous articles below:

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Golf Cart LED Reverse Lighting

Stop backing up in the dark and easily add some Golf Cart LED lighting to your golf cart using these Aurora wide-Angle LED golf cart reverse lights.

2 Inch LED Golf Cart Reverse Lights

The most inexpensive option to add LED reverse lights to your golf cart are these small but powerful Aurora LED lights that produce a combined 1,800 lumens.

2 Inch Flush Mount LED Golf Cart Reverse Lights - Pair 

Don't like the idea of LED reverse lights protruding from your golf cart? Then add the flush mount version of the 2 Inch LED lights. They require a little bit more work to install on your golf cart but when completed, these LED reverse lights will create a very clean and aesthetically pleasing look for your golf cart.

3 Inch Pods LED Golf Cart Reverse Lights Kit

If you are looking for the traditional 3 Inch Cube or Pod look then these Golf Cart LED reverse lights are for you. These wide angle lights produce an astonishing 3,880 lumens and are sold as kit which means you will kit 2 of these LED Golf Cart Reverse lights. 
golf cart led reverse lights

4 Inch LED Golf Cart Reverse Lights

Lastly we have the rectangle shaped LED reverse lights for your golf cart. These are popular LED reverse lights for cars and trucks but they are also suited for Golf Carts. These Aurora LED reverse lights have a 4 inch lens, are 5 inches long and produce a combined 3,600 lumens.


Red and White LED Golf Cart Lights

Add some multi function LED lights to your golf cart with these Red and White Golf cart LED lights. These LED lights make the perfect LED brake and reverse light that can be easily added to any golf cart.

golf car led brake lights golf cart led reverse lights

These LED golf cart lights are offered in a pod version and a flush mount version. Each LED light pod contains 4 LED's,

  • Golf Cart LED Reverse Lights - Two of the LED's are pure white and produce 1,100 lumens creating the perfect LED reverse light
  • Golf Cart LED Brake Light - The other two LED's are red and produce 200 lumens which is bright enough to be seen but not bright enough to blind the people behind you.

aurora golf cart led reverse lights-golf cart led brake lights

LED Light Bars for Golf Carts

If you need more forward-facing LED lights for your golf cart then check out these Aurora LED light bars for your golf cart. These Golf Cart LED Light bars can be easily installed with the provided deluxe wiring harness.

4 Inch Golf Cart LED Light's - Spot Beam or Flood Beam

These 4 Inch golf cart LED light kits produce 3,424 lumens and have an overall length of 5 inches which makes them a great addition to any golf cart.

Moreover these Golf Cart LED lights can be offered in either a Flood beam pattern or Spot beam pattern.

6 Inch Golf Cart LED Light Bars

Golf Cart Dual Row 6 Inch Light bar

Compact but powerful, these dual row light bars produce 5,136 lumens and have extremely versatile mounts making mounting a breeze.

Golf Cart Single Row 6 inch Light Bar

If space is an issue on your Golf Cart then check out these 6 inch single row led light bars.

aurora golf cart led light bar 6 inch

The 6 Inch Aurora LED Golf Cart light bar is a ideal addition to any golf cart as it produces an amazing 3,852 lumens while using only 45 watts. These well rounded golf cart light bars can be equipped with either a driving beam pattern or a combination beam pattern.

aurora led light bar driving beam pattern versus combination beam pattern

Golf Cart Single Row 6 Inch Light Bar NSSR Series 

aurora slim single row led light bars

Last but not least is Aurora newest LED light bar the NSSR Series. These golf cart light bars feature a new slim design and a patented design that allows the product to be manufactured without screws on the face of the golf cart light bar.

White LED Golf Cart Lighting

Have a white golf Cart? Then check out these white LED golf cart lighting products that can effortlessly blend with any white golf cart.

Golf Cart White LED Light Pods

Offered in both a Flood Beam and a Spot beam pattern to meet anyone's need for proper golf cart night riding. These white LED golf cart lights produce 3,880 lumens and include a deluxe wiring harness.

Golf Cart 6 Inch White LED Light Bar

aurora white 6 inch led light bar

The 6 inch white golf cart light bar is small in size which makes it great for golf carts of all sizes. But don't be fooled by its size as it produces 5,136 lumens while only using 60 watts. The IP69 rated housing is constructed of high quality 6063 aluminum and then mated with UV & Scratch resistant 

Golf Cart 10 Inch White LED Light Bar

aurora white 10 inch golf cart LED light bar

The Aurora White 10 inch golf cart led light bar pushes out 8,560 lumens and comes equipped with a combination beam making it a great compact and powerful light bar.

Need something a little bit bigger? Then check out our full range of white LED light bars for golf carts.


Aurora white golf cart led light bars

From 6 Inch white golf cart LED light bars to 50 inch white led light bars, Aurora's got you covered!

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